Top 5 Cars for Girls in Egypt

When you think of Egypt, girl and car in the same sentence this equation will automatically lead you to think of specific cars, a red Kia Picanto to be very specific. And I can understand why, this car has been the choice of so many girls over the past decade since it was first introduced, due to its affordable price and efficiency in driving as well as the fact that this car is so easy to park and maneuver in our crazy country.

That being said, maybe the Kia Picanto is a staple in girly car culture -if such a thing exists-  but it may not actually be the best option for a young lady behind the wheel here in Egypt. We’ve made our research and rounded-down the top five cars suitable for the ladies to drive in Egypt, starting at number five:

5. Renault Duster:

Recently launched with the option of an automatic transmission finally, Renault Duster is a car very fitting for a working mom, with a roomy interior, off the ground clearance, and renowned renault economics, it is a formula that only french can formulate. I could have recommended Kadjar which for me has an interior that is brilliant for a renault really. But I wanted to include a car from each category and the Large SUV was already taken. So we’re sticking with Duster, I really genuinely like it.


4. Subaru XV:

Don’t be fooled by her unassuming looks, this car is an SUV the way SUV’s are meant to be, it takes everything back to basics yet you don’t feel at all lacking on the options front. Interior wise it has everything you need to make it your car of choice for comfort, its also a high riding car with a strong engine and there is no way you can beat Japanese fuel efficiency if you tried. That being said all of that is not what made me put this car on this list, but its the fact that this car is heavy duty and I mean it, maybe it doesn’t outlive a turtle but it sure outlives most other cars, perfect for the typical Egyptian female driver really..

3. Fiat 500:

I can’t help it, this is the ultimate cool girl car for me. This tiny machine is too small, its more of an accessory than a car to be honest, it’s a cultural icon, and a design icon. But when it comes to driving, it is a really good car to own and use if you’re a single young lady. Of course it needs a bit more attention to own something this shiny and cool. But owning a fiat 500 means you will have a relationship with your car beyond any other. It also isn’t the most affordable option if you don’t mind splurging on beauty.

2. Jeep Wrangler:

On the opposite side of car scales, there is the relatively big Jeep Wrangler. I know it doesn’t immediately come to mind when thinking of a girly car, but ask any guy and they will tell you that a female driving that desert machine is too damn sexy. Now when it comes to actually driving a wrangler, if you -as a girl- are not used to high-riding cars then you may need to get a bit of practice first before attempting the wheel of the wrangler. Driving in general is a responsibility but in this particular instant you will be driving a bigger car that can cause a lot of damage if you’re not careful.

1. Mercedes GLA

I left the best to last, this car had to make it to the top of our list. There is no doubt that Mercedes is synonymous for luxury and the GLA adds up the best of the best. It’s a crossover, which means you get the ride-high and comfort of an SUV along with the easy driving and functionality of a hatchback, not to mention that this car is BE-YOOOOOOUU-TI-FULLL, luxurious, chic and a Mercedes. Downside? That Mercedes have significantly downsized their business in the market, but.. they’re still here. It’s the ultimate car for a girl, if you can get your hands on one.

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