Volvo is ditching single-use plastic

Volvo Ditches Single-Use Plastic for a Better Environment

Source: Volvo

Volvo announced that it will remove single-use plastics from all its offices, canteens and events across the globe by the end of 2019. According to a press release the Swedish based Chinese owned company said that: “The decision reflects the company’s active support of the UN Environment Clean Seas campaign, and underlines its ambition to minimise its global environmental footprint”.

Volvo will instead replace over 20 million single-use plastic items such as cups, food containers and cutlery with more sustainable alternatives, including biodegradable products made of paper, pulp and wood. This equates to the removal of over 500 plastic items per employee per year.

Volvo Ditches Single-Use Plastic for a Better Environment

In the statement Volvo said that the switch will be implemented incrementally. By the end of 2018, single-use plastics will be removed from global events such as car launches, as well as from all offices and restaurants in Volvo Cars facilities in China, Belgium, the United States, Sweden and Malaysia.

The effort to remove single-use plastic is not the only among a series of actions Volvo is taking for a better environment, such as the use of recycled nylon in its cars as well as equipping race boats with sensors to help identify marine health in remote parts of the ocean.

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