New Mini-Series Counts-down to the Global Premier of Audi Q8

New Mini-Series Counts-down to the Global Premier of Audi Q8Source: Audi

Audi is preparing the world premiere of the Audi Q8 on 5 June 2018 which is scheduled to be organized at the Audi China Brand Summit Shenzhen. The count-down to the anticipated event is celebrated by the brand with the four rings by the means of a mini-series that will be broadcast through Audi Media TV on the company’s web page The series is dubbed Q8 Unleashed and promises viewers to “Experience a first view of the all-new Audi Q8 in a thrilling mini-series – even before the SUV’s actual world premiere at the Audi China Brand Summit Shenzhen”.

According to the website the thrilling story is based around a couple “Sandra and Quentin, an extravagant power couple from the Golden State, had it all. Successful careers, a design loft, an influential circle of friends and the perfect car to match it all. But suddenly everything changed. Watch five short, gripping episodes and follow the two as the tides turn. And take a first look at the most exciting Audi SUV of all times”.

After watching the trailer, we really want to see what this mini series of 5 episodes is all about. The first episode airs today, go watch it yourself!

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