Hyundai Completes South Korea’s First Autonomous Truck Highway Journey

Source: Hyundai

Hyundai Motor Company has completed South Korea’s first domestic highway journey with an autonomously navigated semi-trailer truck.

Hyundai’s Xcient truck drove approximately 40km on the highway between Uiwang and Incheon, carrying a large semi-trailer simulating cargo transportation, showcasing Hyundai’s innovative technological advancement in future mobility.

Hyundai continuously invests in cutting-edge infrastructure to provide related R&D departments with an environment to innovate and improve autonomous driving technology in order to boost its competitiveness. The autonomous navigation of heavy duty trucks is not only a leading innovation that will transform the trade logistics industry, but is also expected to reduce the number of large road accidents that occur on busy roads each year due to human error.

This successful demonstration proves that innovative autonomous driving technology can be used to transform the trade logistics industry. At this stage, a human driver is still used to control the vehicle manually in certain situations, but I think we will achieve level 4 automation soon as we are constantly upgrading our technological capability.

Maik Ziegler, Ph.D.Director of Commercial Vehicle R&D Strategy Group at Hyundai Motor CompanyThe demonstration, which took place on 21st of August was conducted using Hyundai’s Xcient model truck, which has a maximum load capacity of 40 tons. This was semi-equipped with a Society of automotive Engineers (SAE) standard Level 3 autonomous driving system, enabling it to steer, accelerate or decelerate, and maneuver through traffic, all without human input. A human driver was on-board to take over manual control when required.

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