5 Motorbikes to Own as a Girl in Egypt

Are you a bike lover? Motorbikes have always fascinated me, I’ve always wanted one for my own but could never convince my mom with all her safety concerns. She’s partly right though, some bikes are really dangerous and the responsibility of keeping safe isn’t the rider’s only; but also other users of the road and here in Egypt not all of them can be trusted. You can still be safe riding a bike in Egypt as a girl though, at least in certain parts, on certain roads and in certain groups. If you’re considering buying a bike for yourself, and don’t feel like just going for the next Honda CBR or Kwasaki you see on OLX, you may want to consider these options:

Harley Davidson

Source: Harely Davidson

Its not just the bikes themselves that are awesome, but also the community. The hardcore biker’s brand is known for its worldwide cult-like community, but they also have a very strong female community in Egypt, seeing them ride together is such a sight, but joining them is a completely different level of belonging. Let’s talk about the bikes a little shall we? The great thing about Harley Davidson is their strong presence in Egypt, they have the full 2018 line-up. I believe a good starting point for a lady would be a Street bike, but the Sportster IRON 883 could possibly be one of my favorite bikes in the line-up. Its engine is not as big as others at 883cc yet it still packs 68Nm of torque. The black denim color-way has my heart. Feel free to go and mooch around SMG Egypt showroom in Sheikh Zayed or the infamous Zamalek branch for some eye-candy.


Source: Vespa

If you can get your hands on a classic retro red vespa then you’re sorted on the style front and can get around easily. Not only is a Vespa stylish, but it has the know-how of scooters, to the point that we -as Egyptians- call any scooter a “Vespa” to this day. But if the Italian style icon was hard to track down, then going for a Piaggio is practically the safest option when buying a scooter; at the end of the day they’re practically the Mecca of scooters and the mothership to Vespa itself. A scooter is a nice option if you only need to get around within the city, and don’t want to bother about fuel prices or parking issues. I recommend the Liberty is nice for girls, dubbed “the baby of the family” the little scooter has an engine with 50 cc capacity which means less fuel than what you breath when you pass by a fuel station but just enough to push you around Cairo. The blue is a lovely color for added style.


I wasn’t really a fan of KTM or their bikes until I came across this girl who travelled the world on her KTM bike. I met her at their showroom here in Egypt and it was my first visit to the place. I’ve always thought of it as a mountain and dirt bike, fit only for rally life. But when I saw the bike in the  metal I began the obsession journey. My favorite is the 1190 Adventure R. Its a racing machine (1195  displacement and 110 KW of power) but it performs on all surfaces and there is something about that cage and that gets me every-time especially in the official orange that KTM is renowned for. KTM is not the first brand that comes to mind when thinking about female friendly bikes, but I don’t see any reason why this bike should not be on the list for the sportier of us.


Source: BMW

You wanna go around a race track, ride a BMW. You wanna go around the world, ride a BMW. BMW Motorrad bikes are known for their ability to cross continents and they have been a favorite among tourers around the globe for years. They’re Bavarian built to last power machines, with history and tradition behind them. Unfortunately not a lot of information can be found on BMW Motorrad Egypt facebook page and their website is nothing but an info collection machine. Unless you go visit their showroom there is not much information you can get about available models online. I can attribute the reason behind this to the higher price point, people will generally prefer to buy cars with the price, but if you want a cool bike, you gotta pay for it, eh!


I think I fell in love with Ducati before I ever knew of the existence of any other bike. I mean, they’re just beautiful! But they’re not just beautiful they’re powerful beautiful bikes. To me, Ducatis are the Ferrari’s of bikes. The Diavel (152 hp) and the Multistrada (starts at 113 hp) are my favorites possible because of how “less bulky” they are, and even though they pack a lot of power  they are my recommendation for girls starting out with Ducati, beacuse that’s the least you can get with a sports orientated bike. I mean why can’t girls ride powerful bikes anyway! Even though I live these two, this Panigale posted by Autobotique here is one of its kind for the Egyptian market, if you can afford it, go grab it now. These bikes retail at a higher price points and hard to track online so you may want to speak to someone at MTI if you would like a brand new one.

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